Few practical ways for Riding the O2O Wave to get it right

Seamlessly integrating your offline and online experiences has become a lot easier these days, as companies can make use of  Vin eRetail O2O suite that provides Real-Time View of Inventory with Powerful Order Management functionality along with ready integrations with web stores, marketplaces, and last-mile fulfillment businesses. Vin eRetail O2O suite helps you in making your information available, accessible and consistent.


PIM for Retailers: Manage your data like Walmart!


Managing your data like Walmart is not at all a difficult task, as there are loads of options available when it comes to product information management software these days. It allows you to manage your inventory and offers better returns, manage your costs better, cross sell and up sell to customers and on the whole, offer a better experience to all your shoppers. And as per Ram Rampalli, who is the global head of content acquisition at Walmart states that “High-quality product data is the foundation of everything in the omnichannel experience. There is a strong need to improve “Consistent Vocabulary” between the mobile, the web and in-store experiences, not just the way copy is written, but ensuring products are properly classified and presented with the right specifications to allow shoppers to make good comparisons.”

‘Just Buy Live’ and Vinculum Services partner to empower Retailers

Just Buy Live’ is a capable, large scale e-distributor in the business and mobile retail space, which has recently partnered with Vinculum to empower retailers. It aims to authorise retailers by delivering goods straight from Brands to Retailers (B2R). This partnership will lend a help to them in reducing the complexity of warehousing as well as logistics management, operate the whole supply chain as a unified whole, and reinvent their supply chain implementation with ease.