Information on Nassau County Bail Bonds Services

When you are in need of Nassau County Bail Bonds Services, oftentimes it is a case of emergency and you seldom have the time to start researching on the options that you have and where to look. It is thus important to be in possession of such knowledge of a general nature as it comes in handy when you least expect it. After all, you must never suffer from the illusion that bail and jail are reserved for hard-core criminals as brushes with the law happen when you least expect it. In this article, we are going to look at some of the information that should be at your fingertips in times of need. If not for yourself then this knowledge can enable you to come to the aid of a friend or relation.

Information on Nassau County Bail Bonds Services

Cash Bail/Bail Bonds

The term cash bail refers to the money that you are required to submit to any New York City jail to secure the release of the accused person so that they can pursue their case from home. Subject to making court appearances as and when the accused is required to do so, you stand to get almost all of your money as the city will keep a small percentage of the money.

When it comes to bail bonds, they can be defined as a promise made to the city by a special company to pay a certain amount in the event of the accused failing to turn up in court. It is effectively a guarantee by the company to the city to the effect that the accused will appear in court at all scheduled hearings. The vast majority of bondsmen can post your bail for 10% of the bond amount a situation which gives you great convenience. This means that a bond of $1000 will cost you $100, which is 10 percent of the bond amount. Any money that you pay over and above 10 percent is meant to act as a security deposit. This is accompanied by the need for guarantors who pledge to provide the cash in the vent of your absconding from court appearances. In such a scenario, the bond company will lose the bond amount to the council and the guarantor will have to chip in.

Information on Nassau County Bail Bonds Services1

When the case is over and done with, you stand to receive the amount you put in as security but stand to lose the 10 percent which is the fee for the underwriting services. For cash bail however, you get all your money back subject to a small deduction by the council.


Secure Your Freedom with Nassau County Bail Bonds in NY

Secure Your Freedom 2

Whenever you or a loved one is arrested, the services of Nassau County bail bonds in NY are at your disposal to help you out of the situation. You do not have to despair when you are offered bail by the courts as you can access the bail amount from the bondsman at a rate of 10% of the bail amount. It is a very convenient service that is used in many states by people seeking to secure their freedom or that of loved ones. Jail is an unpleasant place and you should not spend a second more in incarceration unnecessarily.

Why the Bail Bond?

Bail bonds secure the freedom that you yearn for enabling you to continue your daily activities while coordinating your defense without hindrance. Bail bond agents are private companies that avail liquidity to your when you need it most and the money is redeemed when you attend court as scheduled.

When it comes to cases requiring significant amounts of money in the form of bail then collateral is usually required. A relative can co-sign for you if you are incarcerated and vice versa enabling you to secure the required funds. In the vent that you abscond on the court date, the assets registered as collateral will be disposed to cover the costs of pursuing you. If a relative had co-signed for you then they will have to cover the costs involved in hunting you down.

The courts will naturally set terms of release of which a couple more can be added by the bail bondsman securing your release. This is because the release is temporary and only allows you to attend your court hearings from home. If you violate your bail conditions then the bail is revoked and you are returned to prison. You will also loose the bond fee and any chances that you had of getting released on bail in future interactions with the courts.

Secure Your Freedom 1

If you are in Nassau County, finding a bail bond agent is not difficult as the county is home to some of the most reputable bondsmen. All you need to do is google for the service providers in your area or ask for options friends and family or your legal practitioner. Always deal with a reliable service provider with a solid reputation in the industry.