Which One to Choose Ventrilo Or TeamSpeak Server?



A lot of people have never heard about Ventrilo and or TeamSpeak 2 or 3. Well, both of them have been used in the gaming business as well as the office environment. Both of them have been leaders in the VoIP business, but then again which one should you use?

What is TeamSpeak?

TeamSpeak is a communications tool that makes use of the internet as a highway for conveying clear communication. TeamSpeak was initially targeted toward the gaming community. This software was created for increasing the communication in virtual games. On the other hand, the same prospects with games turned out to be very useful with business. This software made a revolution in the multiplayer gaming world around a couple of years back.

What is Ventrilo?

Ventrilo is a voice communication program letting users connect to a principal server and talk with other users similar to a conference call. This is fundamentally voice over IP technology, and in video game terms could often mean the difference amongst a successful raid run and a thorough wipe. Ventrilo users can count on no lag, astonishing codecs, and inordinate stable presentation. Ventrilo is without a doubt one of the industry’s leading players in VoIP.

The features and differences:


Optimal bandwidth usage

Local address book lets you connect quickly to your preferred servers

Web server list permits you to locate TeamSpeak 3 server without their IP

Channel and sub channel creation

Secure servers and channels

Totally configurable key bindings (hotkeys) to quickly join listed channels

Whisper functions so that you can speak privately to people, groups of persons, or other channels

Auto voice stabilizing

Supports Microsoft Game Voice hardware

Windows/Linux server

Windows/Linux client

Text messaging with the client

Seamless optional MySQL assimilation, allowing you to modify your server database

Minimal CPU plus RAM requirements


Cross-channel communications

User-to-user private conversations

Password protected

Server login, channels, options, and filters

Text-to-speech (TTS) voice generation

Key binding to implement special program purposes play wave files

Multiple platform maintenance for servers

Supports 64bit platforms

Capability to restrict server admin features.

Server specified codec’s to regulate voice quality plus bandwidth usage

Final Words

When all’s said and done, it is a personal preference when it comes to deciding between a Ventrilo server and a TeamSpeak 3 server. They are both undoubtedly amazing products, but in the last few years, there has been a massive increase in the demand of Free TeamSpeak server.


Tips and Information on Securing the Services of the Best It Consultant Company

There are numerous tangible reasons why companies, particularly privately owned ones, hire consultants for various requirements. One that is often roped in by the majority of these companies is an IT consultant company. Technology is at the core of the operations of various industries and it is folly to retain this function internally especially if IT is not your core business. In this article we are going to ok at some of the helpful tips that can assist you in making the perfect choice of a IT consulting company.


Who Needs The Services Of An IT Consulting Company?

If your business employs technology in form or the other in its day to day operations then you need to look at whether you stand to benefit from outsourcing the function to consultants. Consulting naturally makes sense when the establishment of an in-house department or team to cater for your IT requirements does not give you any additional value but rather cost you more and deny you access to well-oiled teams that are featured in these consulting companies.

What Are The Benefits?

There are numerous benefits associated with outsourcing your It unction to specialized consulting companies. You get access to a pool of experts a scenario which would cost you a fortune to run in-house. The decision allows you to streamline your functions and concentrate on what you know best. This increases your efficiency while ensuring that you are more than covered when it comes to your IT requirements.

What you get from these consultants is expect advice which ensures that you make the right decisions pertaining to your IT solutions.

Teamwork and team spirit

How to Choose

The first thing that you need to do when choosing a service provider is to go for one that caters for your kind of requirement. Not all consultants are created equal and it is a grave mistake to assume that they all know everything.

Go For Managed Solutions

Avoid the implementation of solutions on an in-house basis. Most companies have moved away from that practice and now rely on managed solutions that can be implemented on Software as a Service basis. The best service provider is also one that is able to listen to your issues and take the time to understand and come up with the right solutions. Experience is a must and there must be good reviews to back the service up.

Services That a Specialized IT Support Team Provides

In today’s technology-savvy world, each and every business somehow rely upon IT and computer systems. Computers are meant to make work easier for business so that it can meet the targets in time and with convenience. Therefore, it becomes really important for all the IT networks and computers to work properly and efficiently so that the business profits can shoot up quickly. A business needs to have a strong IT support for resolving all the IT related issues and problems that might obstruct the work balance of a business.

IT Support

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