Everything about Bail Bonds and Bail Bondsman: In a Nutshell

The bail process in every state is different. The crime for which the suspect is arrested decides how long will it take for the defendant to get released on bail and what amount will they have to cough up to the court. Typically bail is reserved for defendants who have not committed a heinous crime or are not thought to be a danger to the society. In this article, we have mentioned about bail bonds and bail bondsman to help you understand better.

Getting Bail in Nassau County
In Nassau County NY, the bail amount is decided by the court in accordance to the criminal charges placed against the defendant. Different crimes have different bail amount associated with them. The more dangerous and serious the crime, the more bail amount defendant or relative/friend have to pay to get their dear one out of jail.
However, a lot of people are not familiar with the bail process. Getting a bail is actually quite simple in NY and is designed to protect the rights of suspects to a fair trial.

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Knowing Bail Bondsman
A bail bondsman is mostly hired by those who either can’t afford or do not want to post the entire bail amount on their own. In order to get a bail you must contact a licensed bail bondsman, who is eligible to practice in Nassau County NY. In addition to this, the court sets a definite rate that the bail bondsman can charge to post a bail bond in court defending the arrestee.

What does a Bail Cost?
It is obvious for people to know the bail amount to get their known someone freed from the jail. In most states of the US, the courts have set the service charge of a bail bondsman to 10% of the total bail amount. Thus, if the total bail is of $1,000,000, a bail bondsman can only charge the client $100,000 in order to post the bail. It is illegal of the bail bondsman to charge anything beyond that amount. So, if you find a bail bondsman or a bail bond agency indulging in unethical activity like charging more fees, you can always contact the court regarding the same.

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Is There Any Security?
Bail is given to the defendant on one condition that he or she will have to appear in the court every time till the hearing of the case is not over. Thus, if the defendant fails to appear as per the orders of the court, a bondsman possibly loses the entire bail amount. This is why bondsmen often look for security before posting a bail bond in court. Security can be anything of value like real estate, cars, stocks, bonds, etc.

Bottom Line
Bail bondsman is an important part of judicial system, as they prevent unnecessary hardships for people who are innocent. Thus, look for a reliable bail bondsman in Nassau County NY to obtain release of their loved ones.


Understanding the Role of a Bail Bondsman

Have you ever had a brush with law and been put behind bars for an offence? If yes, then you must be aware about a bail bondsman, if no, then this article will help you get familiar with the term.

Hempstead NY Bail Bondsman

Bail Bondsman

Being on the wrong side of the law isn’t the best situation to be in–especially in the town of Hempstead, NY. Getting caught for committing an offence requires the offender to be put behind bars. In such a situation his or her family and friends run from pillar to post to rescue the person from the jail. A bail bondsman is the one who can help you in getting out of the jail. Thus, you need to look for the right bondsman to rescue your friend from the jail.

What Do They Do?

Bail agent or a bail bondsman is a person or a company that pledges to pay security money to allow person to be on bail from the charges framed against him or her that can put the person into imprisonment. They mostly cater to the needs of criminal defendants and work swiftly to rescue the suspects. Their swift work can even ensure that the suspect gets released in as little as few hours. Moreover, they use their influence with the court house to have the individual released successfully.

Bail Bonds Hempstead NYC

How Much They Charge?

Generally the bond agents charge ten percent of the bail amount as their service fee. Tough, the bond amount is refundable; this service fee of a bail bondsman is not refundable. The bail amount varies from cases to cases and states to states. There are some offences for which it is necessary to pay the bail amount in advance. It may happen that the friends of the offenders don’t have the sum with them at the moment, in such situations the bail bondsman usually have standing arrangements with creditors or banks and can raise funds even when the banks are not open. This is highly useful for people because the requirement for a bail bond can crop up any time, thus making it a round the clock service.

Is the offender doesn’t pays the bond amount or refuses to appear in the court on date, then the company that has placed the money can bring the individual and place them in custody of the courts.

In the End

In Hempstead, NY, bail bondsman companies are normally provides round the clock service. Bail bond work is believed to be a twenty-four hour service and you can find local bail bonds in Hempstead, NY in yellow pages or internet easily.

From Arrest to A Hempstead NY Bail Bondsman

There are a few steps involved from the point you or a loved one gets arrested to the time when you are able to post bail courtesy of a Hempstead NY Bail Bondsman. The whole process can be unbearably long or as short as possible depending on how much information you have about the procedures and the speed at which you take appropriate action.

The Arrest

At the point of arrest, there is little that can be done in the form of intervention except maybe calling the lawyers and informing them of the development. From the point of arrest, you are taken to the holding facilities awaiting your initial appearance in court.

Hempstead NY Bail Bondsman

At this point:

1. Note down the charges that have been laid
2. Write down the name of the holding facility
3. Note the arraignment date and inform the bail bondsman and make the necessary arrangements for an agent to attend and process the bond as soon as the bail is set.

The Arraignment

From arrest, the next stage is the first appearance in court which is also called the arraignment. This is the point where the accused will meet the judge and get informed of the charges formally. Everything that goes on here is pretty fast and there are no witnesses called. The judge will then proceed to set the bail at the prosecutor’s request. The final bail amount is an issue for your attorney, the judge and prosecutor to argue on.

This is where you realize the value of finding a skilled attorney to fight your case. At the end of the proceedings, the defendant is returned to the holding facility where you can proceed to submit the bail bond and secure their freedom. If you have the cash to bail a cash bail option, then you will also be free to do so.