What Does TeamSpeak 3 Server Consists Of?

Teamspeak is one of the finely kept secrets in VoIP, concealed in the dark bowels of the virtual gaming community. Teamspeak provides a scalable VoIP application that enables number of users at the same time speak to one another. It was intended with the online gaming communal in mind. In point of fact, it has more than 1 million users on the internet, which is a lot more as compared to a number of other companies. Considering the fact that online gamers every so often spends hours every single day playing online sports, Teamspeak might have more customers online on a day-to-day basis than Skype.


Teamspeak comprises both clients as well as server software, and finest of all Teamspeak is free of cost to non-commercial users. The Teamspeak 3 server works as a host on numerous client networks, capable of managing thousands of concurrent users. Fundamentally, this solution makes a “teleconferencing” system that allows not only gamers to converse with one another through IP, but it also permits business specialists to hold VoIP teleconferences. Of course, if used for a commercial application, you do have to disburse a one-time authorizing fee, but I am sure it would work out to be less than most teleconferencing explanations that charge a per-minute rate.

It consists of Windows/Linux cross-platform design for the client as well as server, an integral web-based management panel for the server, and an exceedingly scalable user authorizations system.

Other Characteristics

  • Optimal bandwidth usage along with codecs reaching from CELP 5.1Kbit to GSM 16.4Kbit to Speed 25.9Kbit for optimum voice clarity
  • Local address book allows you to attach to your preferred servers
  • Web server list lets you discover TeamSpeak servers without their IP
  • Flexible authorization system
  • Channel and sub channel creation
  • Integral web management interface allowing you full control on your server by means of your web browser
  • One server instance can route multiple virtual servers that result in hassle-free organization
  • Telnet admittance to your server instance in addition to all simulated servers
  • Client is intended to work well with firewalls as well as routers
  • Passworded servers plus channels
  • Completely configurable key bindings (hotkeys) to swiftly join specified channels mute your headphones, etc.
  • Whisper functions so you could speak privately to people, groups of individuals, or other stations
  • Auto voice regularizing (no need to fine-tune your mic yourself)
  • Event driven sound notices that can be configured independently

5 Things Every Hardcore Gamer Cannot Live Without

5 Things Every Hardcore Gamer Cannot Live Without

If you are a hardcore gamer, no one can better understand the felicity of enjoying your favorite games in leisure than you.

However, the most irritating part during game plays for many gamers can be the interruption does not matter what type it is, but it destroys concentration.

The online gaming community includes people of different age groups. And the interesting thing is not all the gamers are similar, they are surprisingly different regarding the way they play and their requirements.

Yes, there are certain things every hardcore gamer need and without which the awesome feeling of gameplays are incomplete.

This post highlights 5 things gamers cannot live without. Read on!

Super-Fast Internet

If you love playing games online, the first thing you must have is the high-speed internet. Without the super-fast internet, you may find buffers annoying and which ultimately leads to drop the idea of gaming. For instance, if you want to take part in an online competition, then having high-speed internet is a prerequisite because it helps you avoid lagging.

Bean Bag

Apart from the fast internet, the next thing every hardcore gamer must have is a bean bag. It helps you sit comfortably, especially when you have to enjoy game plays for many hours in one sitting! Bean bags can be your best sitting aid to allow you play games in the way you want because they provide body the much-required comfort.

TeamSpeak Bot

TeamSpeak is a must-have VoIP based communication tool for online gamers because it handles up to thousands for users in real-time. This software offers excellent quality audio for crystal clear communication. Further, it connects you with other gamers when you play in a team and provide in-game overlay support to let you know how is talking. TeamSpeak bot can be hosted for free or also be rented from an Authorized TeamSpeak Host Provider.

USB Drink Cooler/Warmer

Humans do not operate on battery. So, if you want to enjoy gameplays for long hours without skipping your chilled does of caffeine, make sure you have a USB drink cooler/warmer gadget that can keep your beverage chilled. With some interesting USB powered gadgets, you can now simply plug into your PC to keep your drinks chilled or warmed. The best thing about these gadgets is they stay with you during game plays.

Sound Systems

Playing games without big sound is a bit boring, isn’t? So, to be most involved during game plays, buy powerful sound systems. Many hardcore gamers cannot live without a big sound system because it gives them the awesome feeling and doubles excitement during game plays. If you want to make your game plays more thrilling and enjoyable, buy a sound system.

Over to You

The points as mentioned above explain 5 things a hardcore gamer cannot live without! All these items can take your experience to the next level. So, get them to boot your gaming experience. What else we can add to the list, suggest in the comment section below!