The Westside Story: Vinculum partners with Tata Group

vinculum-partners-with-tata-groupOf late, Vinculum has partnered with Tata Group to lend a help them leverage the latest technology, allowing them to advance a long-term strategy for their number of warehousing initiatives that includes upgrading from Infor WMS 9.x to Infor SCE 10.3.3. The execution of Infor SCE 10.3.3 would empower enhanced competencies of the application covering supplementary business features. The collaboration will let Trent advance their fulfillment procedures as well as optimize their operations. Established in the year 1998, Trent Ltd. is a part of the renowned Tata Group, and one of India’s largest and quickest growing chains of retail stores.


PIM Decoded: How Can You Cross Sell to Increase Sales?


Within the last few years, cross selling has turned out to be a great platform to increase sales. Imagine if you could upsurge your sales with the data of your existing customers. Say a customer presently buys products from just one of your merchandise catalogs, and is modestly unprofitable. By means of customer data, if you start sending those clienteles catalogs for your other merchandises. They will probably start cross-buying. Furthermore, you can send them discounts, deals, and coupons, further increase your sales. According to one Forrester research, product references like upsells and cross-sells are accountable for an average of 10-30% of ecommerce revenues.

Few practical ways for Riding the O2O Wave to get it right

Seamlessly integrating your offline and online experiences has become a lot easier these days, as companies can make use of  Vin eRetail O2O suite that provides Real-Time View of Inventory with Powerful Order Management functionality along with ready integrations with web stores, marketplaces, and last-mile fulfillment businesses. Vin eRetail O2O suite helps you in making your information available, accessible and consistent.