Employee Engagement Myths You Might Not Know

The field of employee engagement is growing and so is the myth is associated with it. Some reports even suggest that 7 out of 8 American workers are disengaged. This stat may give you a start? But, do the numbers look reliable to you? Of course, not. They look exaggerated. Most workforce looks pretty engaged, situation may vary. It is not a secret that engaged employees drive productivity, higher customer satisfaction and less voluntary turnover. Employee engagement can always be improved. But for this, you need to know the myths associated with it. The first widely popular myth is – employee perks make a difference. Companies often use perks as an engagement tool for employees. They do work to some extent and matter to employees, but the value of employee perks is short lived. Then what matters more? Of course a positive work environment, effective leadership, fair compensation, opportunities to learn and grow. To know more about employee engagement myths, go through 3 Employee Engagement Myths You Need to Know.


What are the Best Qualities of Successful Sales Managers

If you’re an employer, you may know the importance of sales manager’s roles. In fact, sales managers carry great responsibility.  They need to motivate their team members to achieve a concrete sales target. They should also be adaptable and have the ability to work in different environment, and work under constant pressure of executives. Your manager is responsible for measuring up, inspiring his team and meeting or exceeding the revenue targets as well as gaining the entire company.  Wouldn’t it be excellent if you know the traits of successful sales managers?

The 7 most important traits of a successful sales manager are Strategic thinkers, great communicators and coaches, effective recruiters, hyper-focused, structured and process-oriented, good role models, accountable and much more. To understand these points in details, click on the given link: http://lsaglobal.com/blog/top-7-traits-of-successful-sales-managers/.

Do Gratitude and Employee Engagement Converge?

Employee engagement is necessary for every organization. This might sound new but employee engagement many times overlaps gratitude. Let’s see one of the ways in which employee engagement overlaps gratitude:

If your employees are grateful to the organization, they would tend to contribute more to the overall well-being of the corporate and will extend their efforts towards the growth of the organization. This happens because of a sense of gratitude that makes them believe that when their employer has done something for them, they should too. Grateful employees will prove to be more accommodating, interested, and enthusiastic. Moreover, such employees are more engaged in the functioning of teams and develop a great sense of team spirit.

Here are two more ways in which Employee Engagement And Gratitude Overlap

Organizations should consider Employee engagement training as an essential component for their resource management teams to bring in this element of gratitude.

Deal With Change Management In An Efficient Way

Change is a vital component in every organization. Dealing with inevitable changes in an organization is often challenging and for this, each initiative or project organization should undergo the required level of change management training.

Change management helps organizations achieve the desired changes in your business. However, it is a step-by-step process so that you can walk toward success.  The first step in change management is establishing why change is required on an urgent basis in an organization or a department. It means, you should be able to articulate a few reasons in a compelling way that why your organization needs to change. The second step of change management involves predicting  and foreseeing  obstacles that employees/ employers may face. For example, what new skills will be needed to cope up with the change. Or, what employees will gain and what they have to give up in the change process.

To learn more steps involved in change management, go through –  4-Step Checklist to Better Change Management.

How Value Based Selling Leads To Customer Satisfaction?

Gone are the days when customers used to buy just because a product fits their budget. Modern day internet powered customers are looking for solutions than products alone. It is where value selling training becomes crucial as it helps salespeople in becoming more personable. They understand the customer concerns thoroughly and believe that they will be able to solve the customer problems properly. At the same time, the training makes you more flexible so that as a sales representative you are not spending too much on one customer alone. After training, you will be more curious about the customer issues and will be genuinely interested the customer’s problem. The training also makes you more persuasive so that your customers are comfortable buying from you. Want to know more about value selling training? Click here!

Things You Should Know To Become a Successful Sales Representative

Do you want to work as a sales representative or a sales person? If so, you should get proper sales training then. A tailor-made and targeted solution training selling will help you develop all the required skills required to become a successful sales guy. You will be aware of what it takes to succeed and improve your performance. But, you should also keep in mind that unless or until you are given the responsibility on a constant basis, you won’t be able to identify what it takes to become a successful sales representative. You need to change your behaving style, way of talking, and develop persuasive conversation which is possible by participating in solution selling training program.

There are some key points you need to focus on in order to become a sales coach – the type of coach that capitalizes on and is a necessary part of any solution selling training program. You need to be focused on your credibility, performance improvement and the ability to provide meaningful feedback. In order for regular learning, you need to a sale performance experts who you can provide the support to go to ever higher peaks of performance. For more information about it, read further by clicking this link http://lsaglobal.com/blog/sales-coaching-solution-selling-training-success/.

Honing Managerial Skills to Handle Your Team as a Manager

Do you want to become a manager? Or you have been promoted to be a manager in your current organization? Are you happy as well as nervous because you are going to have new responsibility? There are several things you can add and do to prepare for your role as a new manager. It is natural that you have not been promoted all of a sudden. There is something special in you that your boss has promoted you and considered you the right person for this position. Remember, you have experience, and the board of directors might have several round of meetings before finalizing your name to be manager. Getting the position of a manager in any organization is a wonderful opportunity to grow and have a real impact on your business success. So you should celebrate it, instead of being nervous.

Now it’s the time for you to welcome this opportunity and think of honing your managerial skills in you. You will learn throughout your experience as a manager. So, you need to be positive and developing optimistic view regarding your career growth. As a manager, you will be supposed to open relationships with your team members and work through issues together. To have in-depth knowledge of managerial skills, click this link http://lsaglobal.com/blog/are-your-new-managers-ready-to-lead/.