4 Tips For Writing Cost Proposals

If you want to be successful in a bidding scenario, you must know how to write a winning cost proposal for an RFP (request for proposal). The proposal must be crisp, clear, and concise and should be readable as well. All the costs whether direct or indirect must be involved in serving the customers. To emerge, winner, you should shoe that you can offer excellent value. So how do you go about writing one? Here are some tips that you may use:

1 <> Research Well

You must know about the company from print as well as online media. You must speak to the potential customer directly and closely observe the proposal questions. You must design your proposal to show how all costs will be provided and give the added value as well.

2 <> Gain Confidence Of Customers

Remember, unless the customer is confident about the deliveries of your project, he may be hesitant is selecting your solution. So you need to be very clear on why your solution is most suitable for the company. You need to mention the benefits and how the business will be boosted.

3 <> Price Details

There are many ways to present the pricing details that serve the proposal in the best possible way. One way is to give the total amount first and then present an itemized list with benefits of each item. The other ways round is to provide the details of each line item at the very start and then provide the consolidated price.

4 <> Time Lines

You must include a time-frame in which the job will be completed. Such details help the company in making better decisions.

In The End

The way you write your cost proposal may decide whether you are going to win the bid or not.


Collectabilia turbocharges its eCommerce journey with Vinculum


Founded in the year 2011, Collectabilia is India’s leading celebrity commerce company. It is an online brand that targets to cater to an untapped sports and entertainment ecosystem in India and is every single sporting enthusiast’s dream. It presents opportunities to fans to own collectables personally autographed by their icons and helps celebrities with spreading their brand connect beyond endorsements. They have recently tied up with Vinculum to streamlining their warehousing to keep track of inventory and maintain optimal inventory levels, develop their selling system, handle returns, keep up accurate records, automate order processing, and improve their order fulfilment time.

PIM Decoded: How Can You Cross Sell to Increase Sales?

pim-decoded-how-can-you-cross-sell-to-increase-salesCross-selling has turned out to be one of the best ways to increase sales, as it can be easily accomplished with the help of quality product information management software offered by Vinculum. Moreover, it can lessen the cost of attracting potential towards your business drastically. According to a Forrester research, product references like upsells and cross-sells are accountable for an average of 10-30% of e-commerce revenues.

ETRetail and Vinculum Webinar: Bricks & Clicks and How to Capture New Frontiers of Retailing


Bricks & Clicks: How to capture the new frontiers of retailing is a live webinar that will be held on 8th September to talk about the opportunities available for online and offline retailers. Within this webinar, expert advice will be provided by Venkat Nott, CEO, Vinculum Solutions, Raviraj Rodrigues, Supply Chain Head, Wildcraft, and Niket Anand, Associate Director of Product Management at Tolexo.

‘Just Buy Live’ and Vinculum Services partner to empower Retailers

Just Buy Live’ is a capable, large scale e-distributor in the business and mobile retail space, which has recently partnered with Vinculum to empower retailers. It aims to authorise retailers by delivering goods straight from Brands to Retailers (B2R). This partnership will lend a help to them in reducing the complexity of warehousing as well as logistics management, operate the whole supply chain as a unified whole, and reinvent their supply chain implementation with ease.


Market Research and Its Importance for a Business

When people start a new business, there are many factors that they must pay attention to in order to ensure high productivity, sales and profits. It is a dream of every business owner to take their business to greater heights in the minimum possible time. One of the major factors that every business, whether large or small, has to be careful about is market research. Possessing in-depth information about your target market is necessary for the success of your business. This information lays the foundation for formulating suitable marketing strategies, which are instrumental to the success of your business. To ease the task on hand, many businesses hire professional market research consultants.

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