Maize Milling: An Interesting Idea for Entrepreneurs

Maize milling is an interesting idea for entrepreneurs with big dreams. Being a part of food processing industry, it is a profitable business. The process begins with cleaning the grain. After which the maize is dampened followed by letting it to condition for some time.

Let’s see the steps involved:

Cleaning, Conditioning and Refining

The Cleaning process involves removing unnecessary things and foreign material from the grains such as husk, straw, dust, sand, poisonous seeds, metal and stones. On the other hand conditioning is the method of adding moisture to the maize to help the bran to be peeled off in flakes while milling with plate or roller mills, enabling easy separation in a sifter and to add mass to the meal.

Maize mill


Hammer milled maize meal refers to an undefined class of grain. Suitable to rural applications, it is one of the lowest cost options available.

All the bran, germ and endosperm are hammered via the hammer mill screen which makes the meal rancid. Often referred as inferior by the trade, this germ has so much of “powder” which leads to high adsorption of moisture and makes the porridge sour.

Maize milling


However in order to attain good quality maize meal, the maize is de-germinated at high capacity and the samp and chips are milled a roller mill. The last step of the process includes sifting the meal.

Bottom Line

There are various equipment and machineries for maize milling. You can take help of internet to find top quality maize mill machines at competitive price and best after sales service.