A Full Guide to Different Types of Adoption

Adopting a child is a big decision for a person. However, the decision making doesn’t conclude here. Now you will have to undergo the long adoption process, and first of all, you will have to choose between different types of adoption programs you may not be ever aware of.

Here is a guide to different types of adoption that will make your task easier.

Domestic adoption

Domestic adoption refers to the adoption process of a child from the birth mom which is carried out within the United States. It can be done through child adoption services, or parents seeking to adopt the child advertise to find a pregnant mother who is willing to give up her baby for adoption. The logistics are then handled by a lawyer. In this type, you can meet the parents of the child and get to know their background. However, the negative aspect of this process is the parents interested in adoption depend at the mercy of the birth parents.

  • Open and closed adoption

Open and closed scenarios fall within the domestic adoption program. An open adoption gives the birth mom rights to visit the child and keep connected to him/her through letters, pictures, (meetings are not mandated), etc.

In a closed adoption, the birth mom signs away her rights to the adoption family after the delivery of the child. After then she cannot keep contact with the child.

Interstate adoption

Interstate adoption includes the adoption of four years or older child via an agency in another state. In this type, adopting parents can choose the child or even meet him/her before adoption. In interstate adoption, parents get more control over the entire process. Plus, this type is more affordable than others.

International adoption

International adoption, done from a number of countries (like China, Korea, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Haiti, etc.) is a popular choice among parents, and you can adopt a baby as young as four months. The positive thing about this program type is no waiting to make sure if the birth mother changes her mind. Plus, no probability of any future contact with birth family. However, you have little or no control over the entire process. In some cases, you may be expected to reside in the country for some time as a part of the process.

No matter what type you choose for the adoption process, it is the child who should be your prime concern during adoption.


Special Child Adoption: Things To Consider

If you are planning an adoption, you must be imagining about a bonny child; however, have you ever considered adopting a child with special needs? For most of the people, special needs mean a child who has a disability of some sort. However, the definition of special needs child comprises a number of factors:

  • Physical or health problems
  • Older
  • Suffering from Albinism, Autism or other sensory deficit disorder
  • Member of ethnic or racial minorities
  • Hold birthmarks (may need medical care or surgery)
  • Has a history of abuse or neglect
  • Cleft lips
  • Clubfoot
  • Have siblings and waiting a group (children) for adoption
  • HIV positive
  • Down syndrome or other chromosomal abnormalities
  • Hold documented condition
  • Neurological disorder
  • Were exposed to drugs or alcohol (prenatally)


Any adoptive parent who has commitment and preparation can adopt a child. However, waiting children for adoption with special needs demands some consideration which is as follows.


You should be clear about your motivation while adopting a child. Are you looking for a perfect child that can fit into your family? Or, you want to give a needy child a shelter, food, and education.

Special needs

Have you considered whether a special needs child will adjust in your family or not? You may find it similar to adopting a healthy child, but it involves a number of other things like physical or occupational therapy, special medication, or special education as per the disability. For some disability, extra care is the minimal requirement. Are you ready to handle all this?


Although insurance companies can’t refuse a child coverage for their prior health condition when they are adopted; still, you may have to reserve some extra money to meet your insurance deductibles or change plans for a better option.


All children available for adoption are vulnerable to some extent. Have you ever thought about this? Yet, some children are more vulnerable than others, and children with special needs fall under this category because sadly they are least likely to be adopted. It means less are the chances that they will receive the required care and attention they need.

Every child is unique and deserves to be loved and taken care of. Often, proper love, care and attention act as a therapy and child thrives at once s/he is placed in an adoptive family. Do your research about special children needs and if you can give any such child a place in your family, do so.

Why Should You Adopt A Child From China

If you have decided to adopt a child, congratulations! You have taken the best decision of your life. Adoption is a noble way of contributing towards a better world.

An international adoption is a great option if you are considering bringing a child from a different culture than yours. Not only does it break the barriers of the border, it also helps create a more united world for our coming generation.

It may seem difficult to adopt a child from a different country, however, it is a simple process once you get in touch with a good international adoption agency.


Adopting a child from China is a great idea if international adoption is in your mind. The laws of adoption in China are strict and are in favor of both, the prospective adoptive parents and the child. China boasts of one of the most established international adoption programs across the world. The CCCWA, i.e. China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption is the body that governs China adoptions.  The CCCWA is an experienced body and guarantees transparency, fairness, and predictability. Giving special importance to children with special needs, China adoptions process makes sure that children with special needs find their foster families as quickly as possible.

Here are some reasons why you should consider adopting a child from China:

  • Children up for adoption in China are kept in good environment. They are cared for and they live in a healthy atmosphere to keep them as healthy as possible before a family adopts them.
  • China adoptions process gives you access to authentic information about the child’s medical history and abandonment.
  • There are multiple ways to adopt a child from China. You can also contact a China adoptions agency that offers the facility of photolisting. It helps you see pictures of children and choose the one you wish to adopt.
  • China adoptions policy allows you to choose the child you want to adopt which is not so in most of the other countries.
  • The process does not take longer. Most of the times, it only takes around 2 weeks to complete the process and bring a child home.
  • The best part of adopting a child from China is the absence of any hidden fees. The process is transparent and reliable while also being cheaper.

Now that you are apprised of the advantages, go ahead and find a reliable agency to adopt a child from China.