Tips For Developing A Solution-based Sales Process

Modern buyer is more informed that ever, so before a sale’s rep interacts with a buyer, they already are well aware of the primary source of information, product features, and benefits. These days, buyers are no longer interested in listening to sales reps talk about the products. In such condition, sales reps have major challenges to satisfy the demands of modern buyers. Here, a solution based sales process is the need of the hour, and for this, a solution selling training is needed to keep the sales team armed. For a value added selling, sales team need to understand the customer’s buying process which includes alteration of the conventional operation of salespeople. Solution sellers need to adapt themselves the way customers want to buy. For more such tips, go through 3 Ways to Build Solution Selling Strength to Win.

5 Must Have Negotiation Skills For Salespeople

Negotiation is a skill that can be developed only with experience.  Any sales negotiation training can only enhance the skills you have developed.  In this blog, we’ll discuss some must have negotiation skills for salespeople.

Have Limits Of What You Can Shell Out As Discount

Even the most experienced of the sales professional fall prey to “additional discount” malaise when they have to clinch a major deal. You may end up giving a 40percent discount or additional 2-months of service while negotiating a contract. But once you have done that, you realize that you have gone too far. Having clear limits on price discounts and freebies can ensure that you come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

Listen First And Then Speak

In sales, it is critical to understand the requirements of the prospects. Some sales professional are in a hurry to offer discount and gifts to make a deal. In the long term, their image gets hardened as a cheap discount store. To avoid getting stereotyped and being looked like a second seller first understand the requirement and then give a solution with a clear price and then give the discount when you feel it is required to get the deal through.

Affirm Things Only When Conversation Is Over

In negotiations, things may change many times. Many details may get changed, and the final draft of the contract may appear very different from the original one. As an experienced sales person, you should not finalize the agreement or the terms until both the parties have agreed to the terms.

Ensure That You Are Negotiating With Decision Maker

Consider a situation when you have finished your negotiations, and everything seemed perfect, but just then the other party says that it hasn’t taken the final approval from the decision maker. There you go making all the negotiations and even end up giving more discounts. To ensure that it doesn’t happen to you openly ask the other party who the decision maker is.

Don’t Just Discuss The Price

Well, people buy your product or services for their benefits. This means if they get the desired value from your products, they may pay the price you desire. As sales professional, you must discuss the value that your product or service brings, and your discussions must never be limited to the price alone.

These negotiation skills come when you deal with customers. Attending sales negotiation training can hone your skills so if you want to be a champion negotiator learn something new.

3 Things to Know About Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations

At the time of running an industrial wastewater treatment system, the floc that forms could sometimes float. If water handling system comprises floating floc, you see it can be a challenge to eradicate. The floc in point of fact contains the pollutants that are in your wastewater, so if it is not removed before the wastewater is discharged, you might be out of compliance with your discharge permit. There are a lot of things that cause floating floc. Few of the more common reasons are defined below, along with troubleshooting advice that you can use to help you decide what might be causing floating floc in your system.

Water Flow That Is Too High

When the water movement rate is at or near the total flow rate that your clarifier was intended to manage, floc does not have time to resolve in the clarifier like it must. This can source the floc to float. If you have of late increased the flow rate, try lessening it to see if the floc settles down. If you have not improved the flow rate in recent times, you must investigate other causes.

Oxidants Led Into the Waste Stream

Oxidants like Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) could cause floc to float. You can conduct a jar test to distinguish whether or not an oxidant is instigating the floating floc. While you do so, look for the floc to be at the topmost of the beaker instead of the bottom. Now and then it can take as long as 15 to 30 minutes to for particles to float. If you sanction that oxidants are beginning the floc to float, you can add a decreasing agent like bisulfate or a proprietary metal precipitant into your waste stream. You must consult your wastewater treatment facilities vendor about the finest procedure for adding decreasing agents to your waste handling program.

Floc That Is Too Light or Too Large

In few cases, floc can turn out to be too fluffy and lightweight in the course of treatment. There are numerous options for amending this. You can attempt using a heavier coagulant, moving to a more compatible polymer, or changing how the polymer is dosed. Moving the polymer dosing process can be as simple as changing the dose rate. You can even modify the polymer concentrations that are being used. For instance, if you use a suspension or dry polymer at 0.3% by capacity, try 0.15% by volume in its place.

Why Is Employee Engagement Training Necessary For A Successful Business?

The role of employee engagement in the success of a business can never be underrated. Engaged employees tend to be more productive as well as stay on the job. Increased profitability, reduced turnover, improved quality, retention of good employees and employee satisfaction are some other benefits of employee engagement. However, how to implement employee engagement in a workplace is still a tough nut to crack for organizations. Even after much effort, companies forget a major factor that lays in the center of the employee engagement i.e. managers. Encouraging managers and making them accountable for results make the process simple to implement. There are several ways to do it like when managers understand that accountability for their team’s engagement is the part of their performance, they will get motivated to make an effort and encourage improvement. To know more such ways to improve manager’s accountability for employee engagement in an organization, go through The Key to Employee Engagement – Manger Accountability.

5 Burglars Deterrents That Don’t Work Anymore

To make our home less targeted by criminals, we try every possible trick, diversion, and prevention. From cutting off the hedge to the installation of home security system, several common sense measures even work. But do all of them work? Unfortunately, burglars are also pretty smart, and from breaking into your security systems to checking for the best possible chance to enter your home, they are always ready to make every deterrent plotted by you unsuccessful.

Let us get to know some of the deterrents that don’t work anymore.

Posting security system signage

It is good that you have installed a high-quality home security system at your home. But do you really think that posting company alarm signs or systems will prevent intruders entering your home? Doesn’t it give valuable information about the alarm company that can be used to bypass your system? Of course! Don’t give burglars any information about the company, just post general alarm monitoring signs. This method will also work if you have not installed any home security system and want to trick burglars.

Leaving the car in driveway

Many home owners fake their presence by leaving their car on driveways. However, leaving an unattended car for several days not only makes your house prone to theft but at the same time, you risk your vehicle also. Despite, you can think of renting your driveway to some needy car owner for added security to your home when you are away.

Hiding valuables

Professional thieves know where your store your valuables in bedroom, dresser, and drawers. Don’t be that person who hides valuables in the kitchen or kids’ room. Be creative with your hiding spots and think something out of the box. Instead of putting all eggs in one basket, distribute your valuables over several hiding holes at your home.

Leaving lights on

You leave the lights to fake your presence. That’s ingenious! But doesn’t a constant on light give the wrong message – we are not home? Instead of leaving lights on, install timers that can flip your lights on and off throughout 24 hours of a day.

Getting big dogs

Big dogs look scary but are they capable enough to keep burglars away? What you actually need is a smaller, excitable dog that can bark uncontrollably after smelling a rat (not literally!).

Think of some more lame deterrents that won’t work anymore and share with us.

Why Should Wicker Furniture Be An Ideal Choice For Every Home?

Wicker furniture has always been popular in the furniture world. Whether we see at our ancestral homes or even in today’s cafés and bars, wicker furniture has always been in use.

How Is Wicker Furniture So Popular?

The most wondering quality of wicker furniture is its welcoming approach. The wicker furniture always gives a feel of being welcomed and relaxes in best ways. That is why when we see wicker chair and table sets at cafés, bars, and restaurants or at any eating joints, it automatically attract us. Plus, these furniture sets are best in all-weather moods. The all-weather wicker furniture can be placed perfectly at outdoors and indoors, both!

Perfect Looks

Most homemakers are attracted to the stylish looks of the furniture. The woven texture with different styling makes it elegant and appealing.

As we came to know some qualities of wicker furniture and reasons of its popularity, there are many more reasons that justify the popularity notion of wicker furniture.

Do you want to know? Let us have a glance at the reasons and make it a part of your home as well.


The all-weather wicker furniture can be molded into different styles for seating purpose like chairs, boat stools, high seat chairs, patio, stools, couches, etc. You can buy any kind of breathtaking styles of wicker furniture and give a new look to your house.

Ease at Maintaining

With wicker furniture, you have time to relax! Sounds funny, right? But it is true—as you get ample time to spend with yourself. This means, in a way, that wicker furniture requires less maintenance, unlike regular furniture. Maintaining this furniture requires less effort, less hassles, and even less time to clean it.  Therefore, the lazy people out there, you can stay relaxed with having wicker furniture set at your home.


Wicker furniture is actually made of weaving the materials like cane, rattan, willow, reed or bamboo so; it has the quality of being friendly to our ecology. This means, for making wicker furniture, no trees are chopped down. This is why wicker furniture is popular with the title of ‘all-weather.’

Feel of Natural

This furniture has the power to transform a dull space into an exciting one. With wicker furniture, you can turn your home space or outdoor space with the appealing seating arrangement. As the materials used in making wicker furniture tends to be natural, you can feel a comfortable sitting at gardens, lawns or backyard.

In the end, buying wicker furniture can be one best investment in the furniture world, and you will be surely satisfied in transforming looks of your home. So, choose options on designs and structures from the web and buy them at affordable prices.

Five Things to Know About Talent Development

Talent development programs can seem daunting and cumbersome to leaders and HR professionals within organizations. Yet, when you refer to the “talent” of the organization, you are referring to the most valuable asset within that organization. Companies are nothing without the individuals who work there. By following five key elements of talent development, your organization can devise impactful yet simple talent management and development programs.

Define What You Are Talking About

The first “do” is to have clear explanations. Be clear what you mean when you refer to your organization’s talent. Is it the whole workforce or is it a subset of employees? Most companies use talent synonymously with the words staff or workforce; but some refer to “talent” as the high-potential workers. Neither is right or wrong: the key is to be flawless with your definitions.

Define What It All Means and Be Transparent

Next is to be transparent and clear about talent management explanations, process and programs. Be open with your workers so they understand what it all means to them. Think for a moment about yourself. Do you function better and feel more contented and confident when you have an understanding about your professional development and the course your company uses to manage and develop employees? The same relates to the rest of the employees in your organization.

Discuss Career Ambitions with Employees

The third “do” is crucial to ensuring that your talent management and development programs are impactful. You should know what employees’ career ambitions are before planning their vocation development path. You must also know what inspires and motivates them at their specific career stage (e.g., young experts might be motivated by something radically different than mid-career experts who have families at home). Every so often, leaders decide that a member of staff is high potential and could possibly be the next CEO of a company because of that employee’s performance and drive.

Decide Who Belongs Where

This is when the several talent identification procedures and tools come into play. Once you have your descriptions of the “talent” in the organization and the critical positions for which you have to ensure you have a pool of accomplished employees, it is time to choose who belongs where. This is also where governance and 360-degree assessments and presentation ratings, as well as discussions about career aspirations, come into play. These all help define who has the skill and the capability to take on specific positions and who might have the potential to be in a role given some talent development to prepare for that specific role.

Differentiate the Development

The final “do” is to pull together specific talent development plans for your workforce. This kind of talent development can take more than a few formats.