5 Burglars Deterrents That Don’t Work Anymore

To make our home less targeted by criminals, we try every possible trick, diversion, and prevention. From cutting off the hedge to the installation of home security system, several common sense measures even work. But do all of them work? Unfortunately, burglars are also pretty smart, and from breaking into your security systems to checking for the best possible chance to enter your home, they are always ready to make every deterrent plotted by you unsuccessful.

Let us get to know some of the deterrents that don’t work anymore.

Posting security system signage

It is good that you have installed a high-quality home security system at your home. But do you really think that posting company alarm signs or systems will prevent intruders entering your home? Doesn’t it give valuable information about the alarm company that can be used to bypass your system? Of course! Don’t give burglars any information about the company, just post general alarm monitoring signs. This method will also work if you have not installed any home security system and want to trick burglars.

Leaving the car in driveway

Many home owners fake their presence by leaving their car on driveways. However, leaving an unattended car for several days not only makes your house prone to theft but at the same time, you risk your vehicle also. Despite, you can think of renting your driveway to some needy car owner for added security to your home when you are away.

Hiding valuables

Professional thieves know where your store your valuables in bedroom, dresser, and drawers. Don’t be that person who hides valuables in the kitchen or kids’ room. Be creative with your hiding spots and think something out of the box. Instead of putting all eggs in one basket, distribute your valuables over several hiding holes at your home.

Leaving lights on

You leave the lights to fake your presence. That’s ingenious! But doesn’t a constant on light give the wrong message – we are not home? Instead of leaving lights on, install timers that can flip your lights on and off throughout 24 hours of a day.

Getting big dogs

Big dogs look scary but are they capable enough to keep burglars away? What you actually need is a smaller, excitable dog that can bark uncontrollably after smelling a rat (not literally!).

Think of some more lame deterrents that won’t work anymore and share with us.


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