Unified Communications and Collaboration: A Key to Your Business Success

Unified communications and collaboration are also known as UCC which enables the organisation to boost their business. But, How? you would agree that communication is an important part of every business as well as in life also you can take the services of Agc Network(Global Solution Integrator) which provides Juniper firewall security, Intel network security, IT infrastructure support for manage your business well contact for more.

Unified Communications and Collaboration


‘Just Buy Live’ and Vinculum Services partner to empower Retailers

Just Buy Live’ is a capable, large scale e-distributor in the business and mobile retail space, which has recently partnered with Vinculum to empower retailers. It aims to authorise retailers by delivering goods straight from Brands to Retailers (B2R). This partnership will lend a help to them in reducing the complexity of warehousing as well as logistics management, operate the whole supply chain as a unified whole, and reinvent their supply chain implementation with ease.


PIM Decoded: How Can Filter-Based Search Help Your Business?

Filter based search is one thing that plays a critical role in taking your business to the next level. Because of the fact that, Mobile, ecommerce, and virtual channels are where consumers go to get product details. Ease of search improves customer shopping as well as browsing experience. Robust search competencies make finding additional managing products easy. It also allows an e-commerce site to offer complex search, filter and comparison product competencies which help present enhanced service to the customer.

PIM Decoded How Can Filter Based Search Help Your Business

Selling Online On Your Own Store– Dos and Don’ts for Online sellers


Selling your products online has become pretty easy these days, but there are things that sellers need to take care to make the most out of their business. Things that one needs to do are to know their market, choose the right e-commerce platform, build a brand value, offer a fantastic shopping experience, automate your processes, and give them exceptional after sales experience. Moreover, the things that one needs to stay away from are don’t forget to capture customer data and don’t sell low-quality products.

How Can You Adopt Home Security Systems in Lee’s Summit

home security

Home safety is important as it houses our family, our valuables, and most importantly our life’s wealth. It is because of all these and more, Lee’s Summit Home Security Companies have come up with high-tech equipment and security systems that are a sure shot way to perk up in-house security. You may choose the same for your office security………Read More

How eCommerce Integration Can Boost Your Online Business

eCommerce IntegrationsBeing an online retailer, if you are dreaming of scaling your business, then eCommerce integration can help you achieve the same. For a successful online business, three components that matter the most are a web interface, backend, and delivery. eCommerce integration lets you interact with your sales channels, perform critical backend operations, process orders and deliver products timely and correctly…….Read more