The Intriguing Libra Constellation Myth

The southern skies are home to one of the twelve zodiac constellations called the Libra Constellation. The name is Latin which refers to ‘the weighing scales’ which usually feature in images of the Greek goddess of justice called Dike or Astraea depicted in the Virgo constellation which neighbors Libra. The Libra constellation myth is an intriguing and significant tale that has remained relevant to this day.


A Little Bit Of History

It is the only member of the zodiac constellation that represents an object as opposed to an animal or a mythology character. It features 4 brightest stars namely Alpha, Beta Librae, Gamma, and Sigma Librae. These form a quadrangle with the first and second creating the balancing beam of the scales while the third and fourth represent the weighing pans. The constellation is Methuselah’s home. Methuselah is presently the oldest star known to mankind. The constellation also doesn’t feature any first magnitude stars and was initially catalogued by Ptolemy, the Greek astronomer in the 2nd century.

The portion of the sky playing host to the Libra constellation was known as Claws or Chelae by the Ancient Greeks. The area was regarded as being part of the Scorpio constellation and Chelae stood for the scorpion’s claws. Associating this area with the scales of Libra is something that originated with the Romans sometime during the 1st Century BC. According to the story, when Rome was founded the moon was in Libra. This is why they regarded the Libra Constellation as being favoured among all the members of the zodiac constellations. It was associated with equilibrium of days between the duration of day and night as well as balanced seasons. This relationship was also drawn by the Babylonians who referred to the relationship as ZIB.BA.AN.NA or ‘the balance of heaven’. This was way before the Romans drew similar conclusions, sometime a hundred years before Christ.

The Transformation

The emergence of this association with balance slowly dealt a death blow to the association with the scorpion’s claws. It might be interesting to know that Libra was itself once regarded as being part of the Scorpio constellation. The traces of this one-time association can still be identified in the name Beta Librae which is also known as Zubeneschamali in Arabic, meaning ‘the northern claw’, and Alpha Librae known as Zubenelgenubi meaning ‘the southern claw’. You can find all the myths and facts regarding the zodiac constellations online.


Getting the Best Mortgage Banker Bond in Ohio

If you are reading this then you are most likely on the hunt for the best Mortgage Banker Bond in Ohio. This is very vital cover which gives you compliance and peace of mind. As a provider of end-to-end loan services, there is a lot that could go wrong. Being covered gives you, your clients, and the regulating authorities the much needed certainty and peace of mind.

There are many providers of mortgage banker bonds in the market. These feature a lot of configurations that make them suitable for different mortgage bankers. This is why you must find the right cover through a methodical process.

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What to Do

The first thing that you need to do is to find the best insurance agencies to handle your requirements. You can then compare what these different agencies have to offer and their reputation in the market. It is preferable to deal with an insurance agency than going for a specific insurer directly. Insurance agents give you access to a variety of options. They employ their knowledge and experience in the industry to come up with a shortlist of products that appeal to your needs. You can then go through the various options and even discuss with the agent before coming to a choice.

• Search online for insurance agents within your jurisdiction. You can do this online or ask for some references from colleagues.
•  After compiling a list of options, you should conduct some investigations into the agents’ backgrounds. This is fairly easy to do as you can do it all online. Visit the respective agents’ websites and go through the information pertaining to mortgage banker bonds. You should also take a look at the terms and conditions associated with the services. Search for reviews associated with the services and mortgage banker bonds in particular. Another great stop for information would be the better business bureau. Any complaints lodged against the service providers will be accessible from the bureau.
• You can then get in touch with the agents that make it to your shortlist of trusted service providers who also cater to your specific requirements. Request quotes and compare the quotes in terms of the cost and benefit aspect.

It is important to realize that such cover is there for a reason. Compromising on the quality or extent of cover can only work against you when the time comes for you to derive the associated benefits.

From Arrest to A Hempstead NY Bail Bondsman

There are a few steps involved from the point you or a loved one gets arrested to the time when you are able to post bail courtesy of a Hempstead NY Bail Bondsman. The whole process can be unbearably long or as short as possible depending on how much information you have about the procedures and the speed at which you take appropriate action.

The Arrest

At the point of arrest, there is little that can be done in the form of intervention except maybe calling the lawyers and informing them of the development. From the point of arrest, you are taken to the holding facilities awaiting your initial appearance in court.

Hempstead NY Bail Bondsman

At this point:

1. Note down the charges that have been laid
2. Write down the name of the holding facility
3. Note the arraignment date and inform the bail bondsman and make the necessary arrangements for an agent to attend and process the bond as soon as the bail is set.

The Arraignment

From arrest, the next stage is the first appearance in court which is also called the arraignment. This is the point where the accused will meet the judge and get informed of the charges formally. Everything that goes on here is pretty fast and there are no witnesses called. The judge will then proceed to set the bail at the prosecutor’s request. The final bail amount is an issue for your attorney, the judge and prosecutor to argue on.

This is where you realize the value of finding a skilled attorney to fight your case. At the end of the proceedings, the defendant is returned to the holding facility where you can proceed to submit the bail bond and secure their freedom. If you have the cash to bail a cash bail option, then you will also be free to do so.

What You Need To Know About Philadelphia Mortgage Lenders

If you are on this page then you are looking for mortgage lenders to cater to your requirements. Philadelphia mortgage lenders are available in all configurations and one thing that you have to remember is that they are not made equal. There are several advantages that accrue to finding a reliable mortgage lender for your property acquisition. In this article, we are going to look at some of the elements that you must take into consideration when making a choice of service provider.


What Is A Mortgage Lender?

A mortgage lender is an individual or company that is involved in loaning money and also taking an interest in real property. Lenders avail real estate loans and are a vital ally for those seeking to acquire real estate property. The loan is extended in exchange for the borrower’s signature on a contract stating the debt amount, promise to repay and the applicable terms. The lender will also assume a lien on the said property. They are different from mortgage brokers in that brokers do not extend liquidity to property buyers but rather act as middlemen in availing different loan products from various lenders to consumers seeking to buy real estate. They also extend counseling services to the clients pertaining to the various options.

If a lender performs all the functions unaided by another entity they are referred to as retail lenders. Those that rope in mortgage brokers are known as wholesale lenders. A retail lender performs functions such as finding and counseling customers, taking the applications from clients, locking the loan terms, processing the loan, underwriting the loan, and closing and funding the loan. Wholesale lenders, on the other hand, perform limited functions such as locking loan terms, underwriting loans, as well as closing and funding the loan.

How to Choose

When you go hunting for the best lender for your mortgage requirements, find a number of options online and also ask around from family and friends. You need to make a list of what you would expect from the right product and also compile some questions to ask. Research on the reputations of the options and after that arrange to meet with those who make it to the shortlist. Make sure that there are no hidden charges and/or costs before signing n he dotted line.

Mortgage lenders are very valuable in the way they assist individuals secure real estate property. They provide the much needed liquidity and exist in a number of configurations. Make sure you understand the differences and choose the one that caters to your needs best.